(Москва, LATOKEN) Fullstack JavaScript Developer for Blockchain platform

LATOKEN is a cutting-edge exchange and asset tokenization platform which makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide. Company is bringing trading and banking to a new generation of blockchain to automate transactions processing and save billions of work hours per year.
  • Develop backend for crypto exchange and trading products;
  • Analyse and implement the best practices for high frequency trading backend;
  • Develop API integrations and connectivity with trading platforms and exchanges;
  • Develop trading interfaces desktop & mobile: order books, charts, forms, social followings, chats;
  • Support and develop client wallets: cryptocurrency contributions, transaction processing, referrals;
  • Design of structure of client-server architecture and security systems for the whole system;
  • Design data layers with very close replication to blockchain systems (Ethereum/HyperLedger/etc).
  • Experience in JavaScript: 3+ years, development: 6+ years;
  • Strong architecture skills: patterns, anti-patterns, principles of applications development;
  • Good mathematical base;
  • Self-motivated and really passionate about creating interesting, complex, world-changing solutions;
  • Edge of ECMAScript technologies — classes, generators, async/await, etc;
  • Сlosures, prototype chains, good practices of optimizations;
  • Debug (WebKit Inspector, Node-Inspector);
  • Excellent frontend skills: HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS/Stylus, builders — Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/Babel/HMR/CRA, primitives — DOM tree, VDOM, Event loop, jQuery/VanillaJS, closures, prototype chains, etc;
  • Browser rendering principles: elements flow, cycles of reflow/repaint;
  • Strong React skills: components lifecycle, optimizations, reconciliation, pure components etc;
  • Data flow in React: Redux/Mobx/etc.
  • Node.js, Express. js, Sequelize;
  • SQL: MySQL/PostgreSQL, nested queries, left/inner/full join’s, optimization of queries, indexes;
  • Junior UNIX-skills: bash, nginx setup, iptables setup, docker setup.
  • Competitive salary $ 2000 — $ 5000;
  • Rapid growth and exceptional bonuses;
  • Global product with traction growing 20% weekly;
  • Passionate international team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc);
  • Morning English lessons in the office.
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